Sidelined by Sandy

Spent yesterday finalizing our hurricane preparedness for Sandy.  Had to get charcoal, a radio, cooler, and ice.  I also thought I’d get a few more gallons of water but the shelves were completely emptied.  My husband had already gotten the … Continue reading

Nursery Design Ideas

I love decorating!   I was looking for a rug at Lowes when I was working on my son’s nursery, and came across the “Inspiration” gallery on their site. It’s pretty awesome, and you can get ideas for every room in … Continue reading

My Baby Needs Me

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday and haven’t done so today.  My goal is to post every day, cause I hate going to blogs I like and there’s nothing new.

However, my son hasn’t been feeling well because our apartment is making him sick.  Just came from the doctor.  Will post about this nightmare later.  😦


Create a Social Network for Your Baby

Interested in meeting like-minded moms?  Maybe you’re interested in opportunities for social interaction for your little one. You can join parent groups in your community or even create your own group through Groups like these have product or clothing … Continue reading

Product Review: Cloud B Gentle Giraffe

Years from now, when my son is all grown up, and I’m looking through pictures to remind me of how small he once was, there is one thing that will show up in many of those photos: Cloud B’s Gentle … Continue reading

What’s on Tap

What’s on Tap

Baby Blue Line is officially one week old! I’m a little slow with the posts today because my son has decided that I should be his bed. Meanwhile, there is a really awesome nursery I designed that is going unused, … Continue reading