Tis the Season for In-Laws

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and Christmas is a little more than one month away.  In-laws season is officially underway. Based on what I’ve seen on TV and heard from some people, spending time with your in-laws is dreadful and … Continue reading

Hide All the Mirrors! My Stomach Won’t Go Down!

I was fabulously fabulous while I was pregnant!  Up until my 41st week of pregnancy, I felt great! In all fairness, the first 4 months had me down due to morning sickness, but once that part was done…I felt better … Continue reading

Baby Does $800 of Damage!

Here’s a story… My husband had a MacBook Pro.  I bought it for him.  It was an anniversary present.  Our first anniversary. He loved it!  I loved it!  He named it The Silver Bullet. We have a son.  He’s very … Continue reading

I’m Back! Post Sandy Update

Sand stopped me from blogging last week because the power went out not too long after I posted the last time. Luckily, there was no damage done to our place.  We had no heat for a few days, but thought … Continue reading