Worn Out

This week has been a difficult one.  My son is transitioning from eating mushy foods to feeding himself chewable foods.  In doing so, he’s rejecting all the baby food I’ve tried to supplement in his diet.  I’m used to him … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Health Guru

I’ve gotten a few questions/requests to do with giving pregnancy advice.  So, I’m writing several posts in that vein.  I will be posting them throughout the week. Let’s begin with the Pregnancy Health Guru, a.k.a. Dr. Eden Fromberg, D.O.  Dr. … Continue reading

In a Breast State of Mind

In a Breast State of Mind

“He better enjoy your breasts now.  When your milk runs out, they’ll be as flat as pancakes.  You know that.  Right?” My mother has a way with words. We were talking about a new habit my son has developed.  He … Continue reading

Real Life Chic

In 2011, before I was pregnant, I started working on a fashion/lifestyles blog called Real Life Chic.  After spending lots of money buying a domain, platform and template, HTML and CCS books, writing stories, going out and taking pictures, promoting … Continue reading

Baby’s First (Professional) Pics

Baby’s First (Professional) Pics

My son is nine months old today.  In his honor, I wanted to share with you these photos of my little guy.  These are his first professional pics, and he was two days old.  I’m glad I got these taken.  … Continue reading

Video: What a New, First-Time Mom Feels Like

I was trying to reactivate a long dormant Youtube account of mine the other day and came across this video.  I haven’t seen it in years.  I enjoyed it then, but now that I am a mother, I saw it … Continue reading

Other People’s Kids

I had to admit, before I had my own child, I would find other people’s kids annoying–at times.  When a child would exhibit socially inappropriate behavior, I’d wonder about the actual parenting their parents were doing. Now that I have … Continue reading

Video: Play Time! But Not for Mommy

This is what happens when I bring out a storage box to get all the toys off of the floor.  The baby thinks I’ve brought out a new toy. That’s the Ikea KUSINER underbed storage box.  As soon as I … Continue reading