Nasty Habits

I went to the doctor today for a pain I’ve had in my lower back since I was pregnant. Of course, since it is a doctor’s office, they had me sitting there for more than an hour past my appointment … Continue reading

It’s My Anniversary! + Wedding Photos

On Valentine’s Day, I spent the day showing my little guy pics and videos of his father and me.  He seemed to especially like our wedding photos and a video we made back in 2006 during Thanksgiving. Today marks three … Continue reading

10 Months Old!

10 Months Old!

My guy turned 10 months old yesterday! It’s hard to believe that in two months he’ll be a year old.  Life is going by in a blur!  Seeing  this video of him made me realize how much he’s grown. Here … Continue reading

5 Things Women Never Tell You About Being Pregnant

Before becoming pregnant with my son, the only thing I knew about pregnancy–other than the obvious belly growth and weight gain–was that giving birth would hurt, and would likely last hours.   No one really goes into details. During my pregnancy, … Continue reading

Dating My Husband Again

Last weekend, after we’d put our little guy to sleep and were preparing for bed, my husband and I started talking about all the years we’ve been together and how different it will be to celebrate our anniversaries with a … Continue reading

Video: Men Experiencing Labor Pains

While checking Facebook this afternoon, I saw this video a friend shared.  I’m feeling pretty crappy and heading to the doctor’s office, but this made me feel better. Two guys decide to experience what women go through during labor, and … Continue reading