In Defense of Mommy

Sunday night, my husband came home after a very long day at a work conference.  My little guy and I had been together all day, and my boy knew I was beat.  I wanted to rest on the couch, and told him as much.  But, when daddy got home, it gave me the opportunity to rush off to the bathroom.

I was gone for less than a minute, and as I walked back to the living room I heard, “You have to move Daddy.  That’s Mommy’s spot.”

My husband, who was also worn out, had decided to stretch out on the couch.  My son, however, was not having it.

I stood in the hallway and listened.  “Mommy can sit here when she comes back,” my husband told my little defender.

“No.  You have to move, Daddy.  That’s Mommy’s spot and she’s going to come back.  You have to get off her spot.”

My baby is 2 years and 8 months, yet he defended his mommy without budging.  No matter what my husband said, the little guy would not be swayed.

I eventually came out of the shadows and tried to convince him that I didn’t mind sharing the couch with Daddy.  He wouldn’t hear of it.  “No,” he said.  “This is your spot.  I’m saving it for you.”  Turning to his father my son said, “Go, Daddy.”

My husband and I looked at each other.  He was incredulous, and I was smug with pride.  This little tiny person of ours, while playing with his trucks by the couch, had maintained a gentle yet matter-of-fact-tone in admonishing his father and protected me.

My husband stood up from the couch about to walk off.  Our son then said, “You can lay down, Mommy.  Daddy, you can come play with me.”

I walked over to my little guy, cupped his face between my hands, and kissed his little forehead.  “I love you my baby,” I told him.

I got on my spot, pulled the blanket over me, and took a short nap.

I still feel like a winner as I think about it.  Because he loves me!  He really loves me!

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