Time to Put the Kid to Work

My kid needs to get a job and start paying my cellphone bill.  Perhaps I should get his father to cut me 50% on his behalf.

Right now, he’s on my phone watching YouTube videos of subway trains.  I tried to sneak a picture of him, and he looked up just as I was taking the picture.

BBL_cellphoneYou see that little grin?  That’s the I’m going to use this til the battery runs out look.

A couple of weeks ago, he asked me what my code was, and I told him.  I didn’t think he’d memorize it.  He did.

Now, when he wants to use my phone to watch his train videos, he says, “What’s your code again?”  I’ll say,  “You know it.”  He’ll chuckle and say, “Yeah.”  Then, he’ll tell me the code and uses it to unlock the phone. He’ll go to the YouTube app and find exactly what he’s looking for.

He ignores any calls that come in while he’s using the phone.  As I was watching him today, someone sent me a text.  He looked up, gave me a toothy grin, and continued to watch the express 7 train.

I feel like I have a three foot grownup living in my home!

If you’re trying to reach me, and I’m not getting back to you, the boy is the reason.



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