What Mommy Does Behind Closed Doors

I love my family, but sometimes I need to do me. Being a parent is a never ending job, and once you pop out a kid, you will never be alone again!

When I lived alone, dressing up and playing with makeup was one of my favorite things to do.  So, for my birthday a few days ago, I treated myself to some alone time.  While my husband was cooking my birthday dinner and my son was playing with Thomas and his friends, I locked myself in the bathroom, and later the bedroom, for uninterrupted dress up time.

Well, my son knocked and demanded to know what I was doing and why he was not being let in, but I managed to hold him off for a few.

I jumped in the tub, twirled, and snapped as many pics as I could with Photo Booth.


When the boy was bursting at the seams, I asked him to take a few pics with me.  He obliged, but made funny faces the whole time.


He got bored with me and went back to his trains.  I made my way into the bedroom, changed into an oversized cardigan, closed it with a wide belt, and continued my one-woman photo shoot.


Eventually, the tiny boss knocked and told me to “come up front”.  I went.

My birthday “Treat Yourself!” was seriously the best  alone time I’ve had in a while.


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