My Baby is 1 Year Old!!!

My little guy is one year old today!!! It is such an amazing feeling!  This morning, I updated my Facebook status with: I have never felt so blessed and accomplished as I do today. My baby is 1 year old, … Continue reading

My Baby is Walking!!!

My Baby is Walking!!!

My son took his first steps this morning, on his 11 months old Bday!! Unfortunately, I slept through this momentous occasion, but my husband was there to see him take little step after little step. He’s been holding on to … Continue reading

Spring Forward!

Spring Forward!

It’s time to move your clocks forward.  If you’re like me, you’re lamenting losing an hour of sleep.  The good news is it won’t be getting dark so early. FYI, my husband came home to find my little guy and … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Health Guru

I’ve gotten a few questions/requests to do with giving pregnancy advice.  So, I’m writing several posts in that vein.  I will be posting them throughout the week. Let’s begin with the Pregnancy Health Guru, a.k.a. Dr. Eden Fromberg, D.O.  Dr. … Continue reading

Happy New Year!!!

There are less than 30 minutes left of 2012 (Eastern Time), and I am sad to see it end. 2012 was a great year!  I became a mother, and a better and happier person as a result.  I hope is … Continue reading

I Found Shea Moisture Olive and Marula

Oh my word! I found it! After searching for months, I found the Shea Moisture Olive and Marula baby wash and lotion at the Target in Downtown Minneapolis! I could not believe it!  I literally shrieked with excitement.  A few … Continue reading

Catching Up

So many things have happened since the last time I wrote… My son was sick for three weeks, and that was not only stressful but physically draining on the whole family.  The little guy was feeling in the dumps, and … Continue reading

Air Fare Sale!

If you are unable to see your family this Christmas, visit them for the New Year! Jet Blue is having a fare sale today and tomorrow.  Here are the rules. Book December 11–12, 2012 (the earlier of 11:59 PM ET … Continue reading