Breast Feeding and Tooth Decay

I took my little guy to the doctor for his 2 y.o. check up last week, and learned something I wanted to share. I wanted my pediatrician to give me some tips as to how I could ween my kid, … Continue reading

Tips to Produce More Breast Milk

A friend who was pregnant with baby number two reached out to me for information about breastfeeding.  She had difficulty breastfeeding her first little one, and was worried she wouldn’t be able to produce any milk.  I had the same … Continue reading

Worn Out

This week has been a difficult one.  My son is transitioning from eating mushy foods to feeding himself chewable foods.  In doing so, he’s rejecting all the baby food I’ve tried to supplement in his diet.  I’m used to him … Continue reading

In a Breast State of Mind

In a Breast State of Mind

“He better enjoy your breasts now.  When your milk runs out, they’ll be as flat as pancakes.  You know that.  Right?” My mother has a way with words. We were talking about a new habit my son has developed.  He … Continue reading