Explaining My Period to My 3 Year Old Son

This may be the most share-y/TMI post I’ve written.  I thought maybe I shouldn’t share this, but this blog is supposed to be about my experience raising my little guy, so here goes. A few days ago… I’m in the … Continue reading

Breast Feeding and Tooth Decay

I took my little guy to the doctor for his 2 y.o. check up last week, and learned something I wanted to share. I wanted my pediatrician to give me some tips as to how I could ween my kid, … Continue reading

I Am Not the Nanny

“Will the parents be joining you?” What?! Rewind… I went through a marathon trip to get my son to the doctor Monday morning.  I missed the bus that I usually take–it only comes once an hour–and I thought the train … Continue reading

Some Women are Terrible Mothers

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I wanted to get back on with a positive note.  I wanted to.  But, clearly, this is not that kind of post. Next week, I will have been a mom for one … Continue reading

How to Save 5% on Purchases

My husband and I shop at Target several times a week for baby items and groceries.  The cashiers often ask whether we’re interested in getting their Red Card, but we always turn them down.  We don’t want to get a … Continue reading

Nasty Habits

I went to the doctor today for a pain I’ve had in my lower back since I was pregnant. Of course, since it is a doctor’s office, they had me sitting there for more than an hour past my appointment … Continue reading

5 Things Women Never Tell You About Being Pregnant

Before becoming pregnant with my son, the only thing I knew about pregnancy–other than the obvious belly growth and weight gain–was that giving birth would hurt, and would likely last hours.   No one really goes into details. During my pregnancy, … Continue reading

Dating My Husband Again

Last weekend, after we’d put our little guy to sleep and were preparing for bed, my husband and I started talking about all the years we’ve been together and how different it will be to celebrate our anniversaries with a … Continue reading

Video: What a New, First-Time Mom Feels Like

I was trying to reactivate a long dormant Youtube account of mine the other day and came across this video.  I haven’t seen it in years.  I enjoyed it then, but now that I am a mother, I saw it … Continue reading

Auntie, You Were Not Invited for Christmas!

My husband thinks it’s TMI for me to write this, but here goes… Before I went away on my winter vacation, I went to my OB/GYN to have my annual checkup. After examining me, my midwife said, “Your cervix is … Continue reading