5 Things Women Never Tell You About Being Pregnant

Before becoming pregnant with my son, the only thing I knew about pregnancy–other than the obvious belly growth and weight gain–was that giving birth would hurt, and would likely last hours.   No one really goes into details. During my pregnancy, … Continue reading

Video: Men Experiencing Labor Pains

While checking Facebook this afternoon, I saw this video a friend shared.  I’m feeling pretty crappy and heading to the doctor’s office, but this made me feel better. Two guys decide to experience what women go through during labor, and … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Health Guru

I’ve gotten a few questions/requests to do with giving pregnancy advice.  So, I’m writing several posts in that vein.  I will be posting them throughout the week. Let’s begin with the Pregnancy Health Guru, a.k.a. Dr. Eden Fromberg, D.O.  Dr. … Continue reading

My Husband’s Other Baby

It took me 10 months and nine days to gestate my child.  It took 24 hours to give birth. My husband has taken nine years to give birth to his “other baby”.  On Tuesday, that baby and I finally met. … Continue reading

Auntie, You Were Not Invited for Christmas!

My husband thinks it’s TMI for me to write this, but here goes… Before I went away on my winter vacation, I went to my OB/GYN to have my annual checkup. After examining me, my midwife said, “Your cervix is … Continue reading

Cost of Raising a Child

Ever wonder how much your bundle of joy is gonna cost you? Every year, the USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion produces a report detailing how much it costs (on average) to raise children.  Based on their calculator, it … Continue reading

Hide All the Mirrors! My Stomach Won’t Go Down!

I was fabulously fabulous while I was pregnant!  Up until my 41st week of pregnancy, I felt great! In all fairness, the first 4 months had me down due to morning sickness, but once that part was done…I felt better … Continue reading

How to Make a Baby

When my husband and I decided, last year, to make a baby,   I was sure it would  require mapping out ovulation cycles, circling days on a calendar, and countless other tedious measures.   So, when the test came back positive, … Continue reading