Shaming Feeding Breasts is OK but Raising Children to be Obese is Nobody’s Business

Shaming Feeding Breasts is OK but Raising Children to be Obese is Nobody’s Business

So, I saw this on my Facebook Timeline today. I’m sure the poster’s intent is for me to: 1. Ridicule the woman for her weight. 2. Laugh that she’s carrying this too old and too big for a harness child … Continue reading

When Parenting Gets Real!

My son is 27 months today. That boy is smart, active, determined, and independent.  My mom tells me he is very much like me when I was his age.  He knows exactly what he wants, how he wants it, and … Continue reading

1st Parent-Teacher Conference

My Boo Bear is 21 months old now, and just last week, I attended my first parent/teacher conference for the little guy. Honestly, I should have had that meeting a long time ago, but I put it off.  “What are … Continue reading

Park Time!

It’s finally feeling like spring–for the time being. So, my little guy and I have been enjoying the warmth that God has bestowed upon us.  It is glorious! He loves being out of the apartment that we’ve been cooped up … Continue reading

Mommy Makeover

I was feeling pretty good last night. I had a good day, plus my Boo Bear went to bed on time.  On time! So, I did something I hadn’t done in forever–play with makeup.  I rarely paint my face anymore, … Continue reading

Dating My Husband Again

Last weekend, after we’d put our little guy to sleep and were preparing for bed, my husband and I started talking about all the years we’ve been together and how different it will be to celebrate our anniversaries with a … Continue reading

Video: Men Experiencing Labor Pains

While checking Facebook this afternoon, I saw this video a friend shared.  I’m feeling pretty crappy and heading to the doctor’s office, but this made me feel better. Two guys decide to experience what women go through during labor, and … Continue reading