Shaming Feeding Breasts is OK but Raising Children to be Obese is Nobody’s Business

Shaming Feeding Breasts is OK but Raising Children to be Obese is Nobody’s Business

So, I saw this on my Facebook Timeline today. I’m sure the poster’s intent is for me to: 1. Ridicule the woman for her weight. 2. Laugh that she’s carrying this too old and too big for a harness child … Continue reading

MUST SEE!!! Dad Dances to Daughter’s Choreography of Ariana Grande’s “Problem”

This video will make you day.  With so much turmoil and negativity going on in the world, it’s so refreshing to see love in action.  This filled my heart and made me giggle. This seven year old choreographed a dance … Continue reading

Could You Adopt a Baby Out of the Blue?

I was checking out some videos on YouTube, and this one came up as a suggested clip after the one I was watching ended. If I had cable, I’d try to watch this show.  Seems pretty compelling. I had nine … Continue reading

10 Months Old!

10 Months Old!

My guy turned 10 months old yesterday! It’s hard to believe that in two months he’ll be a year old.  Life is going by in a blur!  Seeing  this video of him made me realize how much he’s grown. Here … Continue reading

Video: Men Experiencing Labor Pains

While checking Facebook this afternoon, I saw this video a friend shared.  I’m feeling pretty crappy and heading to the doctor’s office, but this made me feel better. Two guys decide to experience what women go through during labor, and … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Health Guru

I’ve gotten a few questions/requests to do with giving pregnancy advice.  So, I’m writing several posts in that vein.  I will be posting them throughout the week. Let’s begin with the Pregnancy Health Guru, a.k.a. Dr. Eden Fromberg, D.O.  Dr. … Continue reading