What Mommy Does Behind Closed Doors

I love my family, but sometimes I need to do me. Being a parent is a never ending job, and once you pop out a kid, you will never be alone again! When I lived alone, dressing up and playing … Continue reading

My Kid Discovers the Difference Between Mommy and Daddy

My kid is full of little gems. The latest came a few days ago… My husband decides to take a leak while I am in the bathroom getting ready for work, and my son comes in wondering where daddy is. … Continue reading

Cutting the Cord

I return to work in a few days.  It seems like this year went by in a blur, and I can’t believe it’s already over.  On Tuesday I will send my little guy off to school and for the first … Continue reading

Mommy Makeover

I was feeling pretty good last night. I had a good day, plus my Boo Bear went to bed on time.  On time! So, I did something I hadn’t done in forever–play with makeup.  I rarely paint my face anymore, … Continue reading

Snow Day!

Snow Day!

“The Blizzard of the Century” was a dud ’round these parts.   It was looking like the inside of a snow globe on Friday, however. I’ve gotten into the habit of having my guy take a look out of the … Continue reading

Baby’s First (Professional) Pics

Baby’s First (Professional) Pics

My son is nine months old today.  In his honor, I wanted to share with you these photos of my little guy.  These are his first professional pics, and he was two days old.  I’m glad I got these taken.  … Continue reading

Video: Play Time! But Not for Mommy

This is what happens when I bring out a storage box to get all the toys off of the floor.  The baby thinks I’ve brought out a new toy. That’s the Ikea KUSINER underbed storage box.  As soon as I … Continue reading