My Kid Discovers the Difference Between Mommy and Daddy

My kid is full of little gems. The latest came a few days ago… My husband decides to take a leak while I am in the bathroom getting ready for work, and my son comes in wondering where daddy is. … Continue reading

Cutting the Cord

I return to work in a few days.  It seems like this year went by in a blur, and I can’t believe it’s already over.  On Tuesday I will send my little guy off to school and for the first … Continue reading

I Am Not the Nanny

“Will the parents be joining you?” What?! Rewind… I went through a marathon trip to get my son to the doctor Monday morning.  I missed the bus that I usually take–it only comes once an hour–and I thought the train … Continue reading

My Baby is 1 Year Old!!!

My little guy is one year old today!!! It is such an amazing feeling!  This morning, I updated my Facebook status with: I have never felt so blessed and accomplished as I do today. My baby is 1 year old, … Continue reading

Some Women are Terrible Mothers

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I wanted to get back on with a positive note.  I wanted to.  But, clearly, this is not that kind of post. Next week, I will have been a mom for one … Continue reading

Baby Rampage

I wanted to give my little guy a treat. I’d bought this alphabet puzzle mat for him since Christmas, and he had yet to use it.  So, I put him in his play pen, and while he fussed the whole … Continue reading

Spring Forward!

Spring Forward!

It’s time to move your clocks forward.  If you’re like me, you’re lamenting losing an hour of sleep.  The good news is it won’t be getting dark so early. FYI, my husband came home to find my little guy and … Continue reading

Could You Adopt a Baby Out of the Blue?

I was checking out some videos on YouTube, and this one came up as a suggested clip after the one I was watching ended. If I had cable, I’d try to watch this show.  Seems pretty compelling. I had nine … Continue reading

Back to the World

Back to the World

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a complete post.  As I write this, I’m hoping I will finish it, and this will not end up like the last five–saved as drafts. It’s 2:28 am, I should be sleeping, … Continue reading

5 Things Women Never Tell You About Being Pregnant

Before becoming pregnant with my son, the only thing I knew about pregnancy–other than the obvious belly growth and weight gain–was that giving birth would hurt, and would likely last hours.   No one really goes into details. During my pregnancy, … Continue reading