What Mommy Does Behind Closed Doors

I love my family, but sometimes I need to do me. Being a parent is a never ending job, and once you pop out a kid, you will never be alone again! When I lived alone, dressing up and playing … Continue reading

Ridiculous Cool

Ridiculous Cool

This picture says so much about my kid’s personality and interests. My kid is a puzzle master.  Plus, his cool is so cool, it’s ridiculous! Side note: Can you tell that I’m the founder and president of his fan club? … Continue reading

When Parenting Gets Real!

My son is 27 months today. That boy is smart, active, determined, and independent.  My mom tells me he is very much like me when I was his age.  He knows exactly what he wants, how he wants it, and … Continue reading

Breast Feeding and Tooth Decay

I took my little guy to the doctor for his 2 y.o. check up last week, and learned something I wanted to share. I wanted my pediatrician to give me some tips as to how I could ween my kid, … Continue reading

1st Parent-Teacher Conference

My Boo Bear is 21 months old now, and just last week, I attended my first parent/teacher conference for the little guy. Honestly, I should have had that meeting a long time ago, but I put it off.  “What are … Continue reading

Baby’s First Walking Tour

My little guy is an expert walker now.  He has that bouncy new walker stride and is just such a cutie!  He rarely ever crawls anymore. There’s only so much walking he can do around the apartment, though.  So, now … Continue reading

Back to the World

Back to the World

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a complete post.  As I write this, I’m hoping I will finish it, and this will not end up like the last five–saved as drafts. It’s 2:28 am, I should be sleeping, … Continue reading

Nasty Habits

I went to the doctor today for a pain I’ve had in my lower back since I was pregnant. Of course, since it is a doctor’s office, they had me sitting there for more than an hour past my appointment … Continue reading

10 Months Old!

10 Months Old!

My guy turned 10 months old yesterday! It’s hard to believe that in two months he’ll be a year old.  Life is going by in a blur!  Seeing  this video of him made me realize how much he’s grown. Here … Continue reading