Time to Put the Kid to Work

My kid needs to get a job and start paying my cellphone bill.  Perhaps I should get his father to cut me 50% on his behalf. Right now, he’s on my phone watching YouTube videos of subway trains.  I tried … Continue reading

My Kid Discovers the Difference Between Mommy and Daddy

My kid is full of little gems. The latest came a few days ago… My husband decides to take a leak while I am in the bathroom getting ready for work, and my son comes in wondering where daddy is. … Continue reading

I Am Not the Nanny

“Will the parents be joining you?” What?! Rewind… I went through a marathon trip to get my son to the doctor Monday morning.  I missed the bus that I usually take–it only comes once an hour–and I thought the train … Continue reading

Park Time!

It’s finally feeling like spring–for the time being. So, my little guy and I have been enjoying the warmth that God has bestowed upon us.  It is glorious! He loves being out of the apartment that we’ve been cooped up … Continue reading

Baby’s First Walking Tour

My little guy is an expert walker now.  He has that bouncy new walker stride and is just such a cutie!  He rarely ever crawls anymore. There’s only so much walking he can do around the apartment, though.  So, now … Continue reading

Picture Day

My husband and I had been talking about taking family portraits since we were married.  I really thought it would happen right after my son was born, but it never worked out. Finally, the weekend after my baby’s birthday, we … Continue reading

My Baby is 1 Year Old!!!

My little guy is one year old today!!! It is such an amazing feeling!  This morning, I updated my Facebook status with: I have never felt so blessed and accomplished as I do today. My baby is 1 year old, … Continue reading

Baby Rampage

I wanted to give my little guy a treat. I’d bought this alphabet puzzle mat for him since Christmas, and he had yet to use it.  So, I put him in his play pen, and while he fussed the whole … Continue reading

My Baby is Walking!!!

My Baby is Walking!!!

My son took his first steps this morning, on his 11 months old Bday!! Unfortunately, I slept through this momentous occasion, but my husband was there to see him take little step after little step. He’s been holding on to … Continue reading