Time to Put the Kid to Work

My kid needs to get a job and start paying my cellphone bill.  Perhaps I should get his father to cut me 50% on his behalf. Right now, he’s on my phone watching YouTube videos of subway trains.  I tried … Continue reading

Could You Adopt a Baby Out of the Blue?

I was checking out some videos on YouTube, and this one came up as a suggested clip after the one I was watching ended. If I had cable, I’d try to watch this show.  Seems pretty compelling. I had nine … Continue reading

Video: Men Experiencing Labor Pains

While checking Facebook this afternoon, I saw this video a friend shared.  I’m feeling pretty crappy and heading to the doctor’s office, but this made me feel better. Two guys decide to experience what women go through during labor, and … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Health Guru

I’ve gotten a few questions/requests to do with giving pregnancy advice.  So, I’m writing several posts in that vein.  I will be posting them throughout the week. Let’s begin with the Pregnancy Health Guru, a.k.a. Dr. Eden Fromberg, D.O.  Dr. … Continue reading

Video: What a New, First-Time Mom Feels Like

I was trying to reactivate a long dormant Youtube account of mine the other day and came across this video.  I haven’t seen it in years.  I enjoyed it then, but now that I am a mother, I saw it … Continue reading